The pleasure to receive GOLD class in oil with phenols were the Brothers Michael and George Papadakis from Piskokefalo with oil "Erotokritos". The two brothers dealing with oil production through family farming, were anxious to find a way of exploiting the unique quality and features olive oil p.d.o.. Sitia so in collaboration with the University of Athens, Department of Pharmacology and after much study and work of their part managed to present a product very rich in phenols with over 1200 per liter.

To mention at this point that the phenols present in olive oil from nature to function as antioxidants and protect the oil from rancidity, When it receives the devastating attack of air oxygen and solar radiation.

It is noted that an olive oil with a high content of phenols has a high degree of protection and hence endurance in time, While its consumption protects human cells from oxidative stress.

Inside well of exceptional quality crops as well as for the export of oil and the rigorous standardization of the oil "Erotokritos" is probably the best product in its class.

But success doesn't stop here. In cooperation with the company Pitenis in Kozani and the special laboratory which has oil company family Erotokritos Papadaki will interfere with the unique in the world saffron to create a product of high nutritional value and a second product pharmaceutical value.

The innovation that nowadays is an enemy for some ultimately exists in our country and a lever for development. The example of brothers Papadaki is a sign of good practice and considerable utilization of the possibilities of our country, When these are combined with study, work and appetite for new forms of action and development. For all those who envy Behold acute fields bright.

Good luck in the new kids and see all of our olive oil sitia still higher.