The Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Erotokritos” in Premium Quality Pitenis products with Saffron

DSC_0168 οκOlive cultivation is estimated that began the Neolithic age (7000- 3500 BC ) mainly in southern Crete. Olive fruit were discovered at the Palace of Knossos and Arhanes, While the most striking finding, considered a bowl with olives found in zakros Palace, which kept the flesh for over 3.500 years.

Like thousands of years ago, so today the olive tree still dominates on the island, covering the 65% the agricultural area including at least 35 million trees, and offers valuable benefits not only to residents but also around the world in many different ways.

Olive oil is the basis of Mediterranean food chain, which has proved a model of healthy nutrition and longevity factor. Is a rich source of vitamins, metabolic balance factor, ideal composition for bone growth and rich antioxidant.

Ladi-Erotk---PitThe extra virgin olive oil "Erotokritos" of sitia, travelling throughout the world, He has won the consumer with low acidity, the fruity and harmonious taste and rich aroma. It has imprisoned in the body of the terroir and the particular soil conditions of. Ideal pleasure is to taste raw on your salad and enrich your cooking with aromas of Crete.

It is no coincidence that I chose, as Director of production and quality control of a Bros. Piteni SA, for the creation of the new product line "Pitenis Premium». Using olive oil "Erotokritos" and extract of Crocus, and in collaboration with the team of biologists of the company, We managed to increase the antioxidant properties (global patent). So the new series consists of extra virgin olive oil with crocus ' Pitenis ', 7 great salads and 3 dressings with the addition of this.

When the chef cooks with his soul, traditional, always using the best raw materials, as the family extra virgin olive oil Papadaki, is different and the feeling flow of time. The slow pace of cooking causes Jolly all those senses that refer to other, past seasons. In cooked foods that our parents and our ancestors, the Mediterranean diet. This is the kitchen that I learned and cook on 20 years.

The upgrade though and if our liberation from the traditional principles of our culture and at the same time the new outlandish lifestyle, brought about great change in the eating habits of Greek, driving him so in unsanitary food that cooks ... phone.

A healthy diet should become a way of life and no extraordinary situation.

“A lot of the trees ' Thios dwke
t ' man to live,
but hope Doo amonacha
TS ' olive has spare.

Elia, TS ' peace symbol
dentro blessed,
που ’ναι το δάκρυ του Χριστού
στη ρίζα σου χυμένο.”

Avarakis Stilianos
Director of production & Quality control of
A Bros. Piteni SA
Member of the Hellenic Club of Northern Greece