1307131213046602The whole island of Crete, from end to end, is full of the blessed tree, the olive tree, which generously offers its fruit, olives and oil.

Each corner of the island has its own uniqueness, in the soil, in the stones, in the fragrant plants, greens and wildflowers, so the olive trees of each place give the oil a unique taste, aroma, color and nutritional value.

In eastern Crete and specifically in Piskokefalo, the Papadakis family has been trying for years now, from grandfather to grandfather, to keep, increase and upgrade the olive trees and the quality of the olive oil. We have worked with the soil and the relationship with the earth has taught us respect and love. Earth gave us her precious fruit, the extra virgin olive oil of superior quality with a protected name of origin from Sitia, Lassithi, Crete (PDO).

The best in quality, rich in nutritional value and aroma. It is produced from olives and only by mechanical methods (without chemical additives and processing).

We have achieved several distinctions and several international awards over the years. This is confirmed by its demand, as it is completely absorbed every year by the domestic and global market.

Why the brand name logoero

"We are the heirs of those who have passed away, the partners of those who live and those who provide for those who will come."

Traditional elements ensure continuity and stimulate national consciousness, strengthen the struggle for genuine ideals. They contribute to the preservation of historical memory, to the cultivation of patriotism and to the preservation of those elements that properly orient future generations. They are a distillate of memories that define our cultural stigma in the world. Acquaintance with the past offers lessons, tried and tested knowledge and experiences that broaden people's horizons by helping to avoid past mistakes and identifying the roots of today's mistakes while creating the conditions for a future with imagination and quality.

A well-known narrative polysyllabic poem by Vitsetzos Kornaros, originally from the Piskokefalo of Sitia, an area of eastern Crete.

t is noteworthy that the project is taught in many schools and higher education institutions outside the borders of Greece. The protagonists of the play are two young children, Erotokritos and Aretousa, (full of virtues, graces, advantages) who, despite the social difference that separates them, were connected with a pure, genuine, true feeling that was tested but endured.

The choice of the name Erotokritos is not accidental. Etymologically, it comes from the verb ‘rronnymi and I judge, that is, erotokritos is the one who has a strong judgment, proceeds to the right choices with maturity and responsibility, seeking the true, the pure and the pure. After all, our time needs such choices with the frantic technological rhythms.

The real and the true must regain the position they deserve in our lives, in all areas: material, social, spiritual and moral psychological.


Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids

Absorption of fat-soluble vitamins

Helps to prevent aging features

Helps maintaining cholesterol levels

Help in ulcers

Digestive aids